Neural Organization Technique

Your Body Is Like A Car

Your body is like a car. There are several separate systems all inter-related and working together to let your car perform at peak performance. The transmission transfers the energy produced by the motor to the axles / wheels for movement. The braking system reduces your speed, slowing you down to a stop if necessary. The cooling system regulates temperature, keeping them within the appropriate ranges both in the car's cabin and within its various components. Steering allows you to control your direction and the electrical system provides energy to start the vehicle and keep all its electrical components functioning.

Sometimes You Breakdown

With time and age inevitably comes wear and tear, component malfunction, loose or weakening mechanics or in extreme cases crashes. When this happens to your car you can fix it yourself, take it to a mechanic or trade it in. You don't really have these same options when it comes to your body. Some people live with minor inconveniences for months or years before looking into correcting them. These can build up to a point of breakdown if not identified and taken care of.

Your Body's Electrical System

Neural Organization Technique looks at the body's electrical (nervous) system to determine any misalignments within it which can cause a myriad of symptoms and ailments. Everything from loss of motor function, balance issues, diet problems, chronic pain, loss of energy, degeneration, disease, infertility, body heat loss, loss of sexual function and many other things.

Identifying The Real Issue

Your body runs on an incredibly intricate electrical system that ties all its other systems together. Neural Organization Technique not only identifies what is not working properly but where the issue is and why. The proper doctor can then determine the proper course of action in correcting the issue(s).

Things Neural Organization Technique Can Treat

Emotional stress, genetic precursors, injury, normal ageing, diet and many other things can affect a person's health and well-being. Neural Organization Technique can identify the real cause of an issue and not justify treat superficial or satellite symptoms. It can help with weight issues, sacro-iliac and sciatic conditions, gait system problems, cranial injury and whiplash, Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ), digestive problems, immune system and allergy problems, circulatory and cardiac stress, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, glandular problems and much more.