Our Staff

Dr. J Michael Stolley

Graduated Palmer College, Davenport, Iowa - June 1978 Post-graduate studies applied kinesiology neural organization technique neural emotional technique frequency specific microcurrent torque release technique auricular therapy (ear acupuncture) nutritional neurology with Dr. Murphy contact reflex analysis with Dr. Versandahl nutritional seminars with Dr. John Brimhall independent medical examiner master certification program for whiplash, sponsored by, the spine research institute of San Diego certified addiction professional, sponsored by, life university seminar on visual perception, auditory perception and perceptual motor training, pacific states university frequency specific microcurrent advanced course frequency specific microcurrent neurotransmitters workshop


Dr. Melodie Hammer

We would like to welcome Dr. Melodie Hammer and Hammer Innovative Healthcare, LLC into the family of Stolley Wellness Clinic. Dr. Hammer has a doctorate of Chiropractic Degree from National University of Health Sciences and has specialty training in acupuncture, hormone health, nutrition, botanical medicine and Applied Kinesiology. She is also currenlty continuing her education to become a certified chiropractic internist.